Windows 8 Inspires Qualcomm To Explore New Form Factors With Snapdragon S4

After recently announcing their desire to trump the Ultrabook with a thinner, better Snapdragon based device, Qualcomm is now busy exploring a full array of options for new form factors that will be running on Windows 8.
Qualcomm Planning New form factors for Windows 8

Qualcomm Planning Multiple Form Factors For Windows 8

Qualcomm has apparently been hard at work in the background, developing multiple different devices that will run on Windows 8. The devices have both new and traditional form factors, so the company is not taking too many chances with the market as of yet. This announcement was made by Tim McDonough, the vice-president of Marketing at Qualcomm. So the news is definitely straight from the source.

It was only about two weeks back when we reported about Qualcomm planning to beat Intel at its own game by bringing out a thinner and lighter device running on the immensely popular Snapdragon processor. Since it essentially a mobile processor designed by ARM, there’s nothing preventing the device from having a prolonged battery life and a thinner profile because of the lack of a cooling fan for the CPU, which in this case is because it is passively cooled.

So according to the latest information, Qualcomm’s new array of devices will be going on a head-on collision of with Ultrabooks coming in from Intel’s side.

Interestingly, McDonough would not give out any details as to whether an ultrathin netbook powered by the Snapdragon S4 SoC was actually on the way for a 2012 launch. But he reassured everybody saying that Qualcomm’s chips will offer greater flexibility to OEM’s who can then use it to explore various different form factors in combination with Windows 8.

Since the chip can be used for anything from a smartphone to a tablet and up to a notebook and a convertible — it gives manufacturers and innovators enough room to experiment with various different form factors. McDonough outlined the whole process saying that any device the S4 powers will be characterized by super thin construction and great power efficiency, which means amazing battery life. We would say both are really great for us consumers.

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