Windows 8 Hardware Requirements

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On the run up to the release of an operating system, there are always questions in regard to hardware requirements.So, what about the Windows 8 hardware and system requirements?

Hardware And System Requirements

This is a hotly debated subject because this essentially defines how quickly the hardware will operate on all the new systems. In this guide, we will explore a bit more information about potential Windows 8 hardware requirements.
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Windows 7 Hardware / System Requirements

Unfortunately, as there is no sanctioned news on hardware requirements one of the best ways we can determine what system requirements will be used is to look at Windows 7’s system requirements and evaluate what little information we have from official sources:

CPU: 1GHz minimum
Hard Disc: 16GB Minimum (32-bit) or 20 GB Minimum (64-bit)
Ram: 1 GB Min with 32-bit or 2GB min with 64-bit
Graphic DirectX 9 Graphics with WDDM 1.0 or higher

Microsoft has previously said that they will make newer versions of Windows quicker, which means we can expect greater hardware requirements on Windows 8 than Windows 7, but this may cause problems.
One thing that will need to be improved is the graphics card. If you believe all the new rumours about the 3D GUI and the fact that Windows plans to be more ‘gamer’ friendly it will have to be significantly improved. At the CES2011 meeting, Microsoft demonstrated Windows 8 on a system using a top of the range NVIDA graphics card. This has led people to speculate that a high spec NVIDA card will be the way Microsoft decides to progress.

It is believed that all Windows 7 systems will be able to run Windows 8; however, with the changes that need to be made, many believe Windows 7 systems will run the majority of features but have to drop others. This could cause problems for those that want to use Windows 8, but do not want to upgrade or buy a whole new system. On the other hand, plenty of people believe Microsoft are more than aware of this potential problem and will develop their system requirements with these people in mind.

Ram Requirements

While this is just speculation, many believe that these could be the RAM requirements of Windows 8:
32 Bit Windows 8 – 1GB of RAM
64 Bit Windows 8 – 2GB of RAM
128 Bit (if there is one) Windows 8 – 4GB of RAM

Regardless of the hardware specifications, we all know that Microsoft would have a team of people working on what they believe to be the best solution to solve everybody’s problems.

We’ll keep you posted when we know more about the hardware and system requirements of Windows 8. Selected OEM partners might possibly receive an early version of Windows 8 so we will soon know more about the hardware requirements!

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