Windows 8 Gets “Stunning” Start, 4 Million Upgrades Since Launch

Windows 8 Pro Thumb3 Microsoft chief Ballmer was heard saying earlier today that Windows 8 had already received 4 million upgrades since the launch on October 26 and was off to a “Stunning” start.

Windows 8 Sees 4 Million Upgrades In 3 Days

Earlier today, Microsoft chief Steve Ballmer was heard telling the press what a “stunning” response Windows 8 has received since launch. The new OS has apparently seen over 4 million upgrades since its launch last week on the 26th of October. Theoretically, that means 4 million existing PCs have switched over to Windows 8. Ballmer said that they have reached this number in just 3 days since the inception. He was speaking at a BUILD conference for developers at the Microsoft headquarters in Redmond, Washington.

According to him, Windows enthusiasts from all over have showered the new OS with their attention. He also added that there are tens of millions of businesses out there who have made the switch to Windows 8.

Analysts still remain cautious when forecasting Windows 8’s performance in various fields. All of them agree on the basic fact that it is a bold step for Microsoft and that the new OS is as different as can be from its predecessor Windows 7.

“The level of enthusiasm seen for the new products has really been stunning,” — said Ballmer at the filled to capacity event. This edition of the BUILD conference was sold out very fast due to obvious interest in the newly launched OS. Ballmer took this opportunity to highlight services like Twitter (microblogging) and Dropbox (cloud file sharing/collaborating) that are currently making apps for Windows 8. The presence of such big brands is required to give developers the impetus and motivation to start developing for the platform.

The end user, that is to say you and me, will be reaping the benefits over the coming months and years as developers gradually digest the new interface and platform and make cool new apps for it. Windows 8 apps have already set themselves apart as being modern, minimal and beautiful. More innovation from more developers would just make the whole deal even sweeter for users everywhere.

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