Windows 8 Gets Always-Connected Social Networking App FlipToast

Windows 8 gets its first ever social live tile through FlipToast — an app that allows you to stay social without having to go in to your browser.
Fliptoast for Windows 8 Metro makes its debut as the first social tool on the OS

Windows 8 Gets Its First Social App

Fliptoast for Windows 8 is a social app that has its own live tile that allows you to stay connected to your Social networks at all times without needing to open the browser. And this app does more than just pour out your updates outside your browser; it allows you to chat with your contacts and also supports drag and drop image sharing. You can also invite friends and recommend games that you are paying while you are playing them.
FlipToast makes use of a built in feature inside Windows 8 called Contracts. It allows any Windows 8 app to open their data for sharing with any other app. This way, apps do not have to be ‘aware’ of each other to share information between them. FlipToast uses this intelligently to make it easier for you share things on your Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.
This app is fairly new in the market although it has recently hit the one million users mark. As a social app that is not for a particular social network (like the Metro Twitter client we reported about earlier), it is a first on Windows 8.
Social is going to be one of the biggest things on Windows 8 Metro not only because it is one of the biggest things around anyway but also because of the way the Metro User Interface works. With the Live Tile feature and things like Metro Contracts, social apps will be much more dynamic that than what they are on other platforms like iOS and Android.
For those who don’t know — Live Tils is a feature that allows apps to have a toned down presence on the Start Screen as a square or rectangular tile and the tile will display changes in information automatically without the full app running somewhere in the background. So your social updates will still reach you in real time without the whole app running and adding to the work load and slowing things down.

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