Windows 8 Gaming Friendly

There is a lot of speculation surrounding if Windows 8 will be more gaming friendly than previous operating systems. In this guide, we will explore if this may be the case.

Gaming Friendly Operating System Windows 8

Rumours suggest that Windows 8 will focus on improving PC gaming because it has lost a lot of its market to various non Microsoft owned consoles. Many people believe that this change will not be a problem due to the fact that Microsoft owns Xbox and Windows is ‘gaming friendly’.

Where has this Rumour come from?

This rumour came from the extremely reputable source TechNet, who actually works closely with Windows. TechNet users were some of the people that got the chance to test the Windows 7 beta. They claim that a gaming system will be part of a ‘new push’ by Microsoft.

Previous Versions

The last system that had a gaming ‘ was Windows Vista. This had its own marketplace software and gaming on ‘live’, which users to download and play games without the need for a compact disc. When this happened, this technology was considered to be revolutionary; however, now it is just the norm, and something different needs to be done to refresh the market.

What will Microsoft do to improve Gaming on Windows 8

Microsoft has recently released terrific sales figures for the Xbox mostly due to the Kinect, which has far surpassed what anybody expected. It would be strange if Microsoft did not incorporate some of the features of the X Box 360 into Windows 8. What we will probably see is the introduction of some sort of ‘live’ feature. This will allow users to play against one another in competitive environments and hopefully (from Microsoft’s point of view) bring some of the Playstation and Nintendo console gamers back to the PC.

windows 8 gaming

Microsoft may also incorporate their own version of Steam (a download ‘centre’ where PC gamers can access full versions) of PC games. Currently, the football manager series is released on both Steam and CD, and many people prefer to use steam because you do not need to have the disc in order to play the game. Many people are already speculating that it would be odd if Microsoft did not create their own version of steam.

Gaming on Windows operating systems has always been at the forefront of non console gaming, and it seems that with the new introductions from Microsoft, PC gaming could once again challenge the consoles.

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