Windows 8 Features Wishlist! What do you want?

So, Microsoft is asking students what Windows 8 features they want and need. If you are looking forward to some shiny new features in Windows 8, why not suggest some yourself. You know what you want and need every day, so why not help Microsoft to make the best OS ever?

Windows 8 Features Wishlist

Plenty of Windows 8 features would be great. Starting from a password manager, a password-protection system for folders, managed code, support for cloud computing, simplified rights management, enhanced network tools, better integration between mobilephone, xbox and PC.

Suggest Windows 8 Features

So, it’s up to you. If you want a better Windows 8, start suggesting some new features.
We will be collecting any wishes and send them to Microsoft. We also have a wishlist on our sister site, so you might want to start there, because there we already have plenty of wishes for Windows 8!

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- Cheers!