Windows 8 Fairs Poorly Against Windows 7 Usage Just Before Launch

Being just mere weeks away from being launched, Windows 8 is being used less often amongst users when compared to Windows 7 at the same time of its life cycle.

Windows 8 being used less than Windows 7 as compared to statistics right before launch for both OS

Widows 8 Usage Just Before Launch Compares Poorly To Windows 7

Windows 8 has no option but be compared to Windows 7 every step of the way till it completely overshadows Windows 7. So experts have been looking in to the usage ratio of Windows 8 just before launch (the preview builds that were released for free) and are comparing the data to the same period in Windows 7’s life cycle. And the results show that Windows 7 was more in use just before its launch compared to the ratio of Windows 8 users to other Windows version users right now. This data has been reported by California based research firm Net Applications.

Since these are pre-launch computers, the data is not infected by computers that come preloaded with the OS. These numbers reflect genuine users who have taken time to install the OS. Hence this is being judged as the consumers’ over all interest in the OS. Their numbers suggest all of 0.33% computers across the PC market (ones that are online) are using Windows 8. That means 33 computers out of every 10,000 computers are using Windows 8.

Windows 7 at the same time of its cycle was being used by roughly 1.64% of PCs. That is about five times that of Windows 8 or 164 out of every 10,000 PCs. Windows 7 at that time, like Windows 8, was just less than a month to go before release.

Windows 8 was not performing that badly last month but then this month seems to have slowed things down. To be fair though, Windows 7 was barely anything new on the table and Windows 8 is changing the whole paradigm in so many ways. So it also requires dedicated hardware to really attract attention.

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