Windows 8 Download

Do you want to download any of the Windows 8 builds? Be aware that they are all fakes. Do NOT download Windows 8 unless it has been confirmed by a trustworthy source.

Instead if you are interested in becoming a developer you might want to look at the following downloads:

Download Windows Azure, Windows Singularity, Barrelfish & Windows 8

Don’t Download Windows 8 Fake Builds!

Update: Windows 8 Build 6.2.7867 Is Official – BUT it was not leaked, that’s why I strongly don’t recommend to download this Windows 8 build from ANY torrent site.

You can by now download many Windows 8 fake builds. Here is a list of downloadable builds:

  • Windows 8 Build 7504
  • Windows 8 Build 7304
  • Windows 8 Build 7312

Microsoft will probably use their “leak” marketing strategy again so that we can download a pre-alpha next year. I don’t expect that they release anything before 2010 although they are already working on Windows 8.

With a little bit luck we might get a chance to download some real leaks. Hopefully we will soon get some screenshots of Windows Codename Midori aka Windows 8.

Anyway, if you stumble on any builds on the popular torrent sites you should consider that you might get a virus on that machine. Even many of the real leaks were infected by hackers. Download with caution. It’s pretty hard to scan the builds for trojans, so I would simply stay away from torrents that have not been verified or install them on an old machine.

Always backup your machine before you download and install any Windows 8 builds! Better safe than sorry.

While we are talking about downloads, Windows 8 will probably try to improve the download experience for users, whatever that means. Maybe we will see some download accelerators or link detectors, I’m pretty clueless thou.

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