Windows 8 Direct Experience Mode

Microsoft filed a new patent for the so called Direct Experience Mode. The Direct Experience Mode could be part of Windows 8, it will load a particular part of the OS for specific purposes.

Windows 8 Direct Experience

Why do I think the Direct Experience Mode could be a part of Windows 8? Well, for starters Microsoft tries to heavily rely on the cloud. The Direct Experience Mode sounds exactly like a feature for a Cloud-based OS. To avoid annoying reboots, the full OS would be loaded in the background and can be accessed whenever needed.

If you load a specific part of the operating system only, you can focus entirely on providing the best entertainment experience to the end-user. A “TV mode” or “Gaming mode” could then give higher priority to certain processes of the system. Obviously, if you don’t load the entire OS there will be also be more RAM available to prioritize other processes, e.g. video buffering, rendering, cloud synchronizing and so on. Of course, there will also be RAM needed to keep the full OS in the background, but significantly less than loading it entirely.

The Direct Experience Mode does not come unexpected. Most PC’s serve as a multi-purpose platform. It only makes send to separate some of the areas and deliver a more focused platform to the end-user. Also, if you take a broader look at the Microsoft business, it becomes clear that they already give three big areas a very special attention. Firstly, games (XBOX Live) and movies (Netflix) on the XBOX360 and secondly the Office products on PC.

I believe the Direct Experience Mode could become one of the most important and distinguished features of the Windows 8 operating system. However, take all of our Windows 8 news with a grain of salt, it might also not be included in Windows 8 at all – everything is mostly wide,wide speculations. Hopefully, Microsoft will soon lift some of their Windows 8 secrets.

The Windows 8 Direct Experience Mode has been added to our list of unconfirmed Windows 8 features.

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