Windows 8 Call of Duty Theme

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 will be out shortly. If you want to pimp your Windows 8 PC, download this Windows 8 Call of Duty Theme!

Windows 8 Call of Duty Theme

We are currently preparing some camouflage themes for Windows 8 that should make Windows 8 look really cool. And a few custom themes will also be up.


If you’re a fan of Call of Duty you will love these amazing Call of Duty desktop wallpapers. We not only included Call of Duty MW3 wallpapers, but also some dual-monitor wallpapers of Call of Duty Black Ops:

We also created a new Start orb for Windows 8 using this Medal of Honor:

Windows 8 Call of Duty Theme

Here are the Modern Warfare 3 wallpapers again:

Windows 8 Call of Duty Theme

We are currently working on some new desktop icons that we will include in this Windows 8 theme. As of right now, these icons are included in the theme:

Windows 8 Call of Duty Theme

Of course, there’s also a new cursor set for Windows 8. This Windows 8 theme works on Windows 8 Developer Preview, but might not work on Windows 8 beta or RC, so we will make sure to keep you posted when the theme gets broken. We will support you to fix your temporary Windows 8 themes.

Windows 8 Call of Duty Theme

If you need instructions how to install these themes on Windows 8, make sure to read our extensive guide: Installing Themes on Windows 8

Download Call of Duty Windows 8 Theme

This download is free, as all other themes on
Download Call of Duty Theme for Windows 8

Link: Free Call of Duty Theme for Windows 8 – and here’s the 2nd full theme including the Black Ops desktop backgrounds.


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Stay tuned for more exclusive Windows 8 themes. If you have any ideas for new themes, post them here.


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