Windows 8 BUILD Conference Presentation Will Be Available “On Demand”

A new conference called “BUILD” will inform developers and tech enthusiasts alike about Microsoft’s upcoming Windows 8. BUILD will be broadcasted over the internet as well.

Registration Is Open

Registration is now open for Microsoft’s new developer build conference. The build conference will be held from September 13-16, 2011 in Anaheim. 

The build conference will be filled with developers. Steven Sino sky and Julie Larson-Green announced that they will start a dialogue with developers about Windows 8. They are extremely excited to invite a large number of developers around the world.

Build is a great opportunity and event for developers who want to learn everything about the upcoming Windows 8.  At the conference, Microsoft will reveal new information about Window 8. They will release new information about the new application model that enables the formation of web-connected and services-powered applications.

There will be more than hundred million developers in the conference. As the name of conference suggests, it is a call to developers driving the tempo of technology. They will build experiences with the next edition of Windows that will renovate the computing experience a lot of people.

BUILD Conference Online On Demand

Some of the content of the conference will also be available online. If anyone has missed the chance to attend the conference, he will be able to watch live. The conference will be steamed live around the world. It will also be provided on the demand soon after it is done. This is not a new concept for people who are used to attending the conferences.

At the build conference, Microsoft is ready to offer an operating system that goes well beyond conventional and traditional computers. The announcement of the developer strategy for Windows 8 is also expected at the BUILD conference. They are designed according to the requirements of the new generation.

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