Windows 8 Beta Testing

If you are looking forward to beta testing Windows 8, here are some more general information about beta testing Windows 8.

Windows 8 Beta Testing

Update: Windows 8 Beta In September 2011 Rumored

When Windows releases a product to Beta it is submitting a product which it believes is suitable for the market. However, if there were no problems then Beta testing would never be necessary. In this guide, we will explore why Windows will release their product to the public before it hits the shelves.

Windows 8 Public Beta

Similar to Windows 7, Windows 8 will be released to the public to try. This is simply because 10,000 people testing a product will come across more problems than 100 people in an office. Furthermore, when people that have worked on the software test it, they overlook potential bugs or problems that the public will pick up on. This feedback will be invaluable to Windows, as they will make all the required alterations, and this is why Beta testing is so valuable to any company.

How Long Will Beta Testing Take?

How long will the Windows 8 beta test run? What we do know is that beta testing will take no less than six months and probably no longer than 12, but this really depends on how many serious complications arise. Windows 7’s beta to release stage took nine months, and Windows XP beta to release stage took just over 12 months. It is expected that Windows 8 could take a year or slightly more. This is because there are so many speculated alterations that need to be made to the system.

What Will Beta Testing Consist Of?

The Windows 8 beta testing stage will probably first be released to a number of TechNet and MSDN subscribers because this is what happened with Windows 7. In return for this opportunity, they will be expected to flag any problems, design flaws, or bugs that they come across. This feedback will go directly to the developers at Microsoft, and they will then check each comment to see if it is true. If there is a problem, they will fix the issue. Once enough bugs have been fixed, Microsoft will release a patch to all the subscribers, which they will be expected to install. This will continue until Microsoft believes there are no major issues to be dealt with, and this is when the product will be released.

windows 8 beta testing

Without a doubt, when the beta testing stage gets underway, there will be plenty of images leaked to the market, only then will we know more information about Windows 8.

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