Windows 8 Beta Release Date Speculation (And Previous Beta Release Dates)

Here are the latest Windows 8 beta release date speculations and the previous beta release dates of Windows 7, Windows XP and Windows Vista.

windows 8 beta

The Windows 8 beta release date is important to many because this is the first time we will have official information in regard to what we can expect from the new system. In this guide, we will explore potential Windows 8 beta release dates.

Windows 8 Final Release Date: Mid 2012 Release?

The majority of people believe that the release date of the actual system will be in June-July 2012. If this is the case then we can expect the beta to be released about 9-12 months before the actual release so that all the issues can be sorted out. This is generally considered to be the most likely event.

Current development (M3)

If you believe information that has been gathered from close sources, then Windows 8 started M3 (the stage before beta testing) on March 1st 2011. If this is the case, it is expected that this stage will take about 3-4 months. Therefore, we could see a beta as soon as September 2011. However, this could potentially suggest a late 2011 (if Microsoft rushes), or an early 2012 release date. Many of the people that believe this theory think that Microsoft may be able to release Windows 8 in time for Christmas 2011, which would be nothing short of a miracle.

Windows Xp, Vista, 7 – Previous Beta Release Dates

Due to the limited amount of information that Microsoft has made available about Windows 8 the best thing we can do is look at previous beta release dates and compare them to the M3 development stage.

Beta Release Dates:

Windows 7 – Release date 22 October 2009, Beta, 5th January 2009, M3 7th September 2008.
Windows Vista – missed due to a strange development pattern.
Windows XP – Release date 25th October 2001, Beta release date 31st October 2000.
In the majority of cases, beta testing took roughly 9-12 months to complete. If this is the case then we can rule out a late 2011 release date.

Beta Release Date Rumored To Be June/July 2011

At this point, the majority believes that the Windows 8 beta will be released in June/July 2011. This is because the gap between M3 and Windows 7 beta development was about three months, and if we believe that Windows 8 will have roughly the same development time as Windows 7, this seems like the most reasonable answer.

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