Windows 8 App Store – Opinions?

Windows 8 could have a built-in app store. Some leaked footage from last year below. More infos about the app store after the break. Would you consider buying from a digital software store in the future? What would you be looking for?

Windows 8 App Store

There are thousands of applications and programs for Windows 7. There is no major software shop that is well-established (I’m talking about a store as big as the Apple store, of course there are big software stores online, but no market leader). This could be a great chance for Microsoft.

App Store Needs To Be Like Steam Not Like Amazon

If Microsoft can come up with a smartly integrated app store, I’d be willing to buy my software there. I am sure many others would do the same. The main criteria I would be looking for is product management. If the app store is going to be anything like, then it will fail. If it will allow you to buy software through a digital platform, manage your software and possibly even see what your friends are buying – this could become the new Steam – for programs.

Buying all software from one store and having the possibility to download it whenever you want (via the cloud) is something I am looking forward to. Microsoft has a really big chance to cash in on this. Apps a popular, you don’t need to look at Apple’s store to know that. Software is a billion-dollar industry.

My hopes are that they team up with big companies like Adobe to provide software at a discounted price. Valve has done it for games, so Microsoft can do it for software. I’d say it’s a pretty safe bet that they will at least have a basic app store when Windows 8 launches.

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