Windows 8 Anime Themes

Of course, Windows 8 isn’t out yet, but we have created some cool Windows 8 Anime themes for Windows 7 that are inspired by Windows 8. If you can’t wait for Windows 8 this is as good as it gets. Free download!

Windows 8 Anime Themes

Here are various Anime themes. Only for personal use on your Windows 7 desktop – this will be updated with actual themes for Windows 8.

We have includes various Windows 8 tools that will make your Windows 7 shell look like Windows 8 and you can then apply the Anime themes on top. Then you will have a Windows-8-Anime-mashup-theme.

Anime Themes: Naruto and Cowboy Bebop

Naruto Windows 8 Theme
Download Windows 8 Naruto Theme

Full Metal Alchemist Windows 8 Theme
Download Windows 8 Full Metal Alchemist Theme

Detective Conan Windows 8 Anime Theme
Download Windows 8 Detective ConanTheme

Cowboy Bebop Windows 8 Anime Theme
Download Windows 8 Cowboy Bebop Theme

Code Geass Anime Windows 8 Theme
Download Windows 8 Code Geass Theme

Update: Download links for Anime themes currently down, will be up in 5 minutes

The Windows 7 themes include the following Windows 8 tools:
– Aero tiles for your desktop
– Aero tiles for your taskbar
– Metro sidebar
– Windows 8 Inspired Application Launcher

All of these have to downloaded on 3rd-party sites, we only provide the links and a preview in these Windows 8 themes. Other than that you will find a Windows 7 compatible themepack with Anime wallpapers in the zip files. More Windows 8 Anime themes will be added shortly, stay tuned!

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