Windows 8 and Azure – Cloud Computing At It’s Best?

Want to find out more about Windows 8 and Windows Azure? Check out the following details about the Windows Azure cloud computing platform and what it could mean for Windows 8.

windows 8 azure

If you have ever come across any information on Windows 8 then you would have probably heard about the development of Azure, which we have seen in Windows 7. However, many people do not know anything about its features. In this guide, we will explore a bit more information about azure and discover what potential developments could be made in Windows 8.

What is Azure?

Windows Azure is a cloud based platform, which is a key part of Microsoft’s computing strategy. Azure is a platform which allows the Microsoft data centre to host and run applications. Azure not only allows users to run applications, but it has features that allow development and management at the back end. Azure also allows users to store their information online ‘in the cloud’ rather than on their hard drive.

windows 8 azure


Azure has three components; storage, compute and fabric:

Storage – provides storage needs for tables and drives.
Compute – provides a calculation area for web role and worker role.
Fabric – The backbone of azure. The reason this is called fabric is because the layout appears ‘woven’ or ‘fabric’ like. Windows azure fabric provides resource allocation, scheduling and high speed connection.


Windows azure is an application programming interface which has been built on XML, HTTP and REST. This allows the developers to interact with specific applications on the Azure interface.


Windows Azure became available on the 1st February 2010 for Microsoft Windows 7. Currently (on the 1st March 2011) it can be purchased for $60-$110 from the official azure website.

Windows 8 and Azure

Doubtless, Windows azure will play a key-role with Windows 8. Development suggests that we can expect to see plenty of new features (and updated existing features), by the time Windows 8 is released.

Job postings on the Microsoft website are the closest thing we receive to official news at this point. A while ago, Microsoft posted a job that said the Windows 8 client backup feature will be linked to Windows azure.

By the looks of things, the biggest development that we will see with Azure in Windows 8 will be that instead of having to buy additional space, it will be included when we buy Windows 8. Many believe that azure may only be included in some ‘editions’ of Windows 8. These editions will probably be the premium versions, which will be more expensive. Another theory is that Windows will include minor space for ‘free’ on every edition to build awareness of Azure, and if you want to buy upgrades you will have to pay additional funds.

Since there has been nothing official, all we can take from the job postings is that Microsoft will include plenty of cloud based azure services.

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