Windows 8 – A Very Attractive Opportunity for Developers

Microsoft’s BUILD conference is underway at Anaheim, Calif. with Disneyland looming over the venue. Inside the venue developers might have found a little Disneyland-esque magic of their own in the first official preview of Windows 8.

Windows 8 For Developers

No Developer Left Behind As Windows Evolves Forward With Windows 8

Developers attending Microsoft’s first keynote at the BUILD conference came away with a lot more peace of mind. The main worry for developers was whether the skills that they have honed for all these years in learning certain programming languages, would still be usable on Windows 8.

And the answer is yes; they will be able to use the same programming languages to develop apps for Windows 8. Microsoft has made sure that most of the common languages used for developing Windows apps in the past will still be supported in Windows 8.

Windows 8 Is A Complete ‘Reimagining’ By Micrsoft

Never since Windows 95 has Microsoft made such a complete overhaul of their flagship software line. For the first time ever, the OS will be a hybrid platform that will run the same on desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones. It is also cross-architectural — running on both x86 (Intel, AMD) and ARM.

Microsoft making an effort to make sure that the developers are on familiar grounds despite all these new and revolutionary changes. They know that veteran developers are only that way because of their experience in certain languages and having them onboard will only help strengthen the company’s case when it comes to finally launching the new platform next year.

Microsoft’s Tablet Giveaway A Crucial Part Of Windows 8 Developer Preview

The developer preview of Windows 8 is up for download right now! Log on to Installation is free for everybody with a 32bit or 64bit x86 machine. No ARM version as of yet.

In the meantime, the attendees of BUILD have already gotten their hands on a shiny new Windows 8 tablet. Containing the preview version of the OS, these tablets are hoped to become the workbench for many new apps and services that will be developed for Windows 8 just in time for the release.

Even though the release date has not been announced, Microsoft’s Steven Sinofsky assured developers that the company was driven by “quality” and not “a date”; emphasizing the fact that Microsoft is keen on making sure everything is working as it should before releasing it in to the public domain.

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