Will Windows 8 be a worthy successor?

Windows 7 is breaking all sales records on Amazon, Microsoft sold the most copies of Windows in one quarter *ever* and people just love Microsoft for Windows 7. Of course, after such a great release our expectations raise and we hope to get an even better Windows.

Here are some wishes for Windows 8.

The tray icons should never be grouped or hidden, this isn’t very user-friendly. Next, the control panel should be re-designed, Vista had a pretty cool control panel, but Windows 7 has too many submenus. People are lazy and want to avoid too many clicks.

Customization should get into focus again. People love to customize their PC’s. Be it a desktop wallpaper or a screensaver.

Microsoft is working on a completely new GUI, so we can hopefully expect some really solid menus and interfaces.

Another feature on my wishlist is a system analyzer. I want to analyze what files and folders use a lot of space on my disk. A HDD Cleaner would rock as well. I don’t want to download tons of 3rd-party tools to clean my drive.

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