Where to download alternative app launchers for Windows 8

Do you want to increase your productivity on Windows 8? Download some alternative app launchers
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What is an App Launcher?

An application launcher is a computer program that helps a user to run a program or open a webpage easily. Some App launchers support to assign some shortcut words to launch a particular program. So, app launchers provide a friendly environment to run a particular program from the user end very easily.

There are many popular App launchers available for Windows 8. Here is a list with their download links.

A. Dash Command

B. SlickRun

C. Find and Run Robot

D. Launchy

E. Tool Box

F. Start++

G. True Launch Bar

Steps to download and install alternative app launchers for windows 8

1. First of all choose an alternative app launcher available for Windows 8.

Here SlickRun is selected to demostate the procedure.

2. Download the file SlickRun from here

SlickRun is Downloaded

3. Now, install that program and run the .exe file from the start screen.

4. You can see SlickRun is running, at the bottom right corner of the desktop (above the taskbar).

 SlickRun is Running

5. Now, right-click on the SlickRun program and click onMagicWords option. Here you can see the list of pre-defined Magic Words.

 Pre-defined Magic Words List

6. To enlist an user defined Magic Word in that list simply click on New Magic Word… option.customize SlickRun window will open. Enter a desired name (Taking “phsh” as an example) in the MagicWord text field. Now, enter the file path or the web address of the program (here Photoshop.exe) or the webpage that you want to open using that desired Magic Word.

7. Click on Green Tick Sign in the right .

Fill up entries in Customize SlickRun window

8. Now in SlickRun text box (at the bottom right corner of desktop) type any Magic Word that is already enlisted in Magic Word List to open the program or a web page associated with that particular Magic Word. Suppose as we have performed the step 6. We can write phsh to run photoshop.exe program.

Run Photoshop

These are the complete steps to download and install App launchers in Windows 8.

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