Where are all the programs? Here’s how to find programs in Windows 8

If you are having problems finding all your programs, read this tutorial to learn how to find all of your Windows 8 apps, programs, tools

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Microsoft Windows 8 comes with the streamlined, touch-friendly Metro User Interface. Metro UI replaces Windows start button and menu with a grid of tiles. If you are new in Windows 8, you must have seen that the installed programs are not appearing in the start menu, which was there till Windows 7. The Metro UI tiles launch software.

If you want to find out the shortcuts of the installed programs to access them, then read the instructions below.

Finding Programs (UI: Developer Preview Very Similar To Consumer Preview)

1. First switch to Metro user interface by pressing Windows button.

Metro UI

2. See the bottom right corner of Metro user Interface .You will see a Rightward Arrow icon there. Click on that icon quite a few times till your program icon appears on the screen.

Click On Arrow

3. If you want to open the program normally, then just left click on that icon.

Click On icon

But if you want to open the program with Administrative privilege,then Right click on it. Now click on Advanced and select Run as Administrator.

Run Program As Administrator

Now the program will be opened with administrative privilege.

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