What’s new in Windows 8?

Ok, let’s do a recap what’s new in Windows 8. First of all, Microsoft plans to create a completely new GUI, the explorer will probably be gone. 64-bit will be the standard edition (rather than 32).

What's New in Windows 8

We can probably expect a new filesystem and a new way to navigate. If they are going to add cluster support in Windows 8 we will also see many applications that support multiple clusters to balance the system load, how awesome would that be?

What else will be new in Windows 8? Oh, I am sure that we can expect that Microsoft will give us more possibilities to customize Windows 8 and change many aspects of our Windows 8 themes

Smarter Windows 8

Windows 8 will also be smarter and adopt to the way how you use your computer. Let’s say you are starting an application frequently, then it will mark this application “important” and add it to your Start Menu (at least that’s how it should be).
Windows 8 has to develop or it will go down, but where to look for inspiration?

New Trends = 3D, Augmented Reality

I think mobile phone devices can be a great inspiration or the latest hot trends at the CES.

I am talking about 3D. I am talking about Augmented reality. I am talking about new things.
People want to benefit from the technological advancement and use their augmented apps on their PC and get additional information or customize their PC to make it work flawlessly with the latest 3D devices (be it NVIDIA’s 3D Vision or ATI’s Eyefinity).

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