What The Enterprise Wants In Windows 8: A Compelling App Collection

With a lot of debate going on about whether and when enterprises will be adopting Windows 8, one theory suggests that a great collection of apps might be all that is stopping the new OS from convincing the business types.

Business users might want a better collection of Apps before stepping up to Windows 8

Great Apps Might Change Enterprise Game For Windows 8

Windows 8 is generally held in good regard by the enterprise. The businesses are suitably stoked to see something so new and shiny over the horizon. They like the paradigm shift. They like it. However, they are not entirely sure about whether it has the right kind of apps for the work that they do. There’s also question about how it will perform on the plethora of small and big screens that it will be available on. Microsoft has a ready answer for that one though — it will be very well suited to multiscreen scenarios. The deeper question here though is whether a native Windows 8 app will be able to have a desktop keyboard and mouse set up as well as providing a touch based experience on a table all at the same time.

It is a technicality, yes, but only on the surface. The thing that can turn Windows 8 in to an overwhelming success is erase the lines between the current three screens in our lives — desktop/laptop, tablet and phone. This is something that Windows 8 promises to do but it needs to have apps that are compelling enough to use on their own, as well as make sure that the screens work well together and apart.

Enterprise applications might need to span smoothly across these devices and provide an even user experience for the customer. That is where Windows 8 can really make a difference. Instead of just providing integrated connectivity, Windows 8 can actually provide enterprise clients with an integrated experience that is necessarily a single app running on three devices side by side. Not just the same app smoothly and effortlessly synced between three devices. So Microsoft should now show the enterprise what it can really be like and that seems to be a good way right now to win them over. And this is an important thing because much of the success of Windows 8 depends on great apps and enterprise support.

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