What Is ARM & Will ARM Support Make Windows 8 The Ultimate Mobile Web OS?

As we all know, there are only few official Windows 8 news. However, one thing that we do know is “the next version of Windows” (Windows 8), will use ARM. In this guide, we will explore more information about ARM.
windows 8 arm

What is ARM?

Apart from a part on your body, an ARM (application resource management) is a 32 bit instillation reduced computer developed by the company ARM holdings. Currently, ARM systems are used on 98% of all the retailed mobile phones. This is because the simplicity of the processors makes them perfect for low power applications like tablets or smartphones.

Originally, the goal of the ARM system was to be used for personal computing. However, the market became quickly swamped by the x86 which is used by all IBM PC and Apple Macs. None the less, ARM believes that now could be the time for a slight change to the way things work and they have targeted Windows 8 as their ‘break’ into the market.

Do not worry; if you like Microsoft the way that they are then they will still offer the systems on the existing x86 SOC.

We know that the next version of Windows will be running an ARM system because at the 2011 consumer electrics show (5th January), Microsoft demonstrated the 6.2.7867 version of Windows, which was running on an ARM system.
Does it work?

If Microsoft is showing the product off to the public and the media, even if it is only a test, you can guarantee that it works. Neither company would put their reputation in danger by taking a risk, especially when both have a sizeable market share in their own fields. It is believed that this development has been in the pipeline since Windows Vista. Some of you may know Vista’s test name was longhorn, and many believe that this was changed from longARM, when tests proved that the ARM technology was not ready. A year ago, Windows put a gagging order on the staff at ARM not to disclose any of their information on their Windows 8 projects. However, it was not until the start of this year that we knew this is what it was about.

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