What Graphic Card? How to check your Graphic Card on Windows 8 (3 Methods)

Don’t know what graphic card you are using? Use this guide to find out what video card sits in your PC on Windows 8
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Graphics Card and Key terms to understand your graphics card

A video card, display card, graphics card, or graphics adapter generates a feed of output images to a display. Now a days, every processor has some inbuild onboard graphics card. Alternatively, we can add graphics card of owr own to enjoy rich multimedia contents. Every motherboard since 1990 maintains separate slot for installing graphics card or adapter.

There are few key terms to understand your graphics card installed in your PC.

  • Graphics Processing Unit or GPU speed
  • Graphics Memory
  • Video Memory
  • Video BIOS
  • RAMDAC, or Random Access Memory Digital-to-Analog Converter

How to check graphic card information

Several options are open to know graphics card information.like,

  • Using Display Settings from control panel
  • Using Device manager
  • Using Command Prompt
  • Using Third party application programm

Method 1: Using Display Settings

1. Right click on desktop and select Screen resolution .You can also go here by Control panel -> Display->Adjust
Display Settings

right click

Screen resolution

2. click Advanced Settings .Graphics card information be popped up in a new window. If you want more information
like driver version,events etc. click the button Properties.

Graphics information

Method 2: Using Device manager

1. Open the device Manager from control panel by control panel-> device Manager

Device Manager

.2. Search for the Display Adapters in the list. Click the tiny arrow left to the “display
adapter”. The Graphics adapter currently installed is shown in the sub menu.
Right Click on it.Select Properties .

Display adapter Property

Property details

Method 3: Using Third party application program

There are tons of free software available in the internet to explore graphics card information. Unlike windows, they not only provide basic
informations , they provide more details information about graphics card like GPU temperature, current clock speed etc. These are for
advanced user or more experienced user. ‘GPU Caps Viewer’ is a good application to render Graphics adapter information.It is also a free tool.
Visit ‘GPU Caps Viewer’ home page for informations.

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