Wedge Mouse Revealed As Wireless Touch Pointing Device

After the Wedge keyboard we recently reported about, we have a new Microsoft accessory making the rounds on the Interweb — the Wedge mouse.

Microsoft Wedge TouchMouse spied for Windows 8 release

Wedge Mouse Is Not A Mouse At All

The Wedge mouse is not exactly a mouse. In a world of touch, mice have gone past their use-by date. What we are looking at is a wedge shaped stand alone touch input device that has a clear demarcation between left and right. It would seem that the traditional left-click & right-click divide is going to carry on in to Windows 8.

The Wedge TouchMouse is estimated to be in the works right now and will be released right alongside Windows 8 in late October (the 26th, to be precise). And it seems like it will live up to its name and also act as an interface that allows gesture inputs. For many of the important Windows 8 quick access bars (Charms, Settings, App bar) are based on unique gestures. It is a touch-first OS and touch input will enable the user to glean the best user experience from their Windows 8 systems.

And Windows 8 is not alone in this either. Office 2013 from Microsoft is also choc-a-bloc full off gestures and touch inputs. According to some sources, the mouse is capable of a full 360-degree scroll navigation, which is not hard to believe for a touch device.

The TouchMouse has more tricks up its Wedge shaped sleeves though. It comes with special keys that are dedicated shortcuts to items from the Charms bar. And just like the Wedge keyboard it seems to come with its own cover as well. Given its size and wireless operation, it seems like yet another Wedge device that is made to be portable.

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