Webcam App Found In Windows 8

The leaked Windows 8 build 7850 reveals a lot of new features. A WebCam app has been unveiled recently.

Webcam app

A file called WebCam.exe was spotted in the leaked M1 build.

In the leaked Windows 8 build 7850 you can find various new programs and executables. One of the exe files hints at webcam application, it’s called WebCam.exe. The WebCam.exe also includes various images:

Webcam app

The exe description reads: “Microsoft-Windows-WebcamExperience-WebcamExe”. So, the big question is, is this Webcam app compatible with the upcoming Windows 8 phones or is it a desktop-only app.

I suppose Microsoft want to take advantage of their motion controller Kinect and give people the chance to use the Kinect and the Webcam app on their computers.

Microsoft is about to release a Kinect SDK for Windows 7, that will make all sorts of applications possible on the PC. Controlling WoW with your Kinect device? Not a problem!

The Kinect obviously has an integrated camera. How about giving users the chance to use that cam? Right, we need a webcam app for that? It all makes sense now!

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