We Change The Drive Letter in Windows And Take A Look At General Letter Assignments

Changing the drive letter is simple and can be done via a GUI

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Drive Letter is an alphabetical identifier that is assigned to a physical or a logical Disk drives or Identifiers in the root file system namespace of the Windows Operating system. Some general drive letter assignments are

  • A: Floppy Disk Drive if it’s present.
  • B : Usually reserved for a second floppy drive, although floppy drives are now not present in present day machines.
  • C : First Hard Disk Partition.
  • D to Z : Other disk partitions are there.
  • FFirst network drive only if you are using Novell Netware. Otherwise it is used as one of other partitions.
  • H : “Home” Directory for a network server.
  • L : Dynamically assigned Load Drive.
  • N, O, P : Assignable floating drives.
  • Q : Microsoft Office Click-to-Run Virtualizations.

The following tutorial will help you to learn how to change the Drive Letters in Windows.

1. Open Run (For Windows 7, open Start and for Windows 8 Press Windows+R)-> Type diskmgmt.msc and press Enter.

Open Run

2. The Disk Management Window opens. To change a drive letter select the Volume whose drive letter you want to change-> Right click and select Change Drive Letters and Paths.

Change Drive Letter

3. Click on Change-> A new window will open. Along with the option Assign the following drive letter scroll to get the full list of letters-> Choose one letter and click OK.

Change Drive Letter To A New One

You’ll get a warning message-> Click Yes to Continue. You are done now. You may get an Autoplay of the new drive. Close it. In case you are using the same drive that you are renaming, you’ll fail to rename it successfully. So make sure that none of any program of the concerned drive is open. Now close Computer Management.

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