Very Cool App: Windows 8 Gets DisplayFusion For Multiple Monitors

DisplayFusion is a special utility app that is designed to make working with multiple monitors easier and now it is available on Windows 8.
DisplayFusion 4.0 brings better multi-display management to Windows 8

DisplayFusion Ver. 4.0 Comes With New Features And Windows 8 Support

DisplayFusion 4.0 was just released with support for Windows 8 Consumer Preview along with a host of new features working with multiple monitors on Windows.

One of the most useful features on DisplayFusion is the ability to add the taskbar on every screen instead of just one, which is how Windows handles multiple displays by default. Any application that is running on a screen will have a corresponding button on the taskbar that is present on that screen. This version also enables Jump Lists on every screen, a feature that was sorely missing on previous versions of the app and is completely missing from the normal Windows support for multiple monitors.

The new version also adds support for several icon profiles for quickly changing how icons are arranged according to what are doing at the moment. Hotkeys for DisplayFusion have been available for a while now and version 4.0 just makes it easier to customize them. Aero coloring is now smarter and is based on the current wallpaper or the application that is currently active on the screen. There are also new wallpaper providers added to the built in wallpaper search — DeviantART, Google Image Search and Bing Image Search.

Other than these, there are also new enterprise features and support for right to left languages. The new version also fixes certain known bugs and has better performance than previous versions.

The application needs to be bought using the full features but it does have a free version that you can download to try things out. The app is developed by BinaryFortress and here’s the link to their DisplayFusion 4.0 announcement


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