Verizon To Take Windows Phone 8 Onboard As Third Smartphone Platform

Verizon has shown interest in taking up Windows Phone 8 as their third smartphone platform after Android and iOS.
Verizon has announced their involvement with windows phone 8 development

Verizon Working On Getting Windows Phone 8

According to Verizon CEO Fan Shammo, the wireless carrier is actually working with Microsoft to bring about the upcoming Windows Phone 8 platform to their network. Verizon carries only one Windows Phone handsets at the moment but that seems to be held up for the release, now that the CEO has made this announcement.

Shammo said that they were working with Microsoft on the Windows Phone 8 software because they think it is a “differentiator”.
The one Windows Phone that Verizon carries was designed way back in 2010 — the HTC Trophy. It is poorly supported by the carrier and no further Windows Phone activities have happened in the time between then and now. Verizon’s apparent indifference caused many to question the viability of the platform itself in comparison to iOS and Androir. Now it seems more like Verizon has been working in the background to make things better before really taking the platform onboard.

Shammo believes that the platform has the capability of competing with market leaders Android and iOS on the same level. He said Verizon will have Windows Phone devices on its roster for the 2012 holiday season.

Looking back, Verizon was chiefly responsible for the early adoption of Android through the massively successful Motorola Droid handset that sold enough to put Verizon on competing terms with then market dominating iPhone. This happened in 2009 and it really pushed Android to the masses. Theoretically, with a good enough handset, the wireless carrier to launch Windows Phone 8 in the same way.

Right now we do not know much about Windows Phone 8 except that it would be a part of the Windows 8 platform and its been codenamed “Apollo”.

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