Verizon Store Ignores Microsoft Surface, Shows General Apathy Towards The Platform

Windows 8 Surface tablet neglected by Verizon Store A recent blog post made headlines in the tech industry by showing Verizon’s lack of interest in selling the Microsoft Surface even though it is prominently displayed inside a protective case.

Windows 8 Surface Tablet Not Treated Right By Verizon Store

Even though it was an oversight, that in itself showed that the store attendants were not really interested in pushing the Surface. The event unfolded yesterday as the Geek Wire made a blog post about a neglected Windows 8 surface inside a Verizon store. Enclosed in a protective shell, it is difficult to tell what it exactly is. With only the screen and the Windows logo showing, it is not much of a giveaway. However, the worst part was that the screen showed the traditional desktop instead of the Start Screen and “Windows Network Diagnostics” was running on the screen, making it even less appealing.

All of these situations are absolutely perfect for repelling customers and the post also said that the store attendants were not interested in resetting the Surface and putting it back to displaying the Start Screen. Additionally, there was no other identifier of the device. It was without a name, price tag, description, anything. You have to look at it for a while to realize that it is indeed a Surface tablet.

This has caused a minor uproar in the Windows community about how the same treatment has always been meted out to Windows Phone. Despite great critical reviews and great hardware, the phones met with the same fate as this tablet apparently. And the story is said to be the same across AT&T and other carriers who continually ignore the Windows Phone and put it on the lowest place on their priority list. However, the puzzling question is why would Verizon go to the extent of acquiring a Surface tablet, encase it and then just abandon it. Verizon is not even selling the Surface tablets.

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