Using the Networking and Sharing Center In Windows 8

If your looking to get to grips with the Network and Sharing Center in Windows 8 , here is a guide to get you started.

Network and Sharing Center

The Network and Sharing Center first made its appearance in Windows Vista. Since then it was upgraded for Windows 7.

The feature has once more being fine-tuned for Windows 8. It is split into two areas. A central area and a sidebar column to the left. The sidebar has links to access and configure specific settings.

In the central area you will see information about you current active network connection if you have one set up. To access the Network and Sharing Center follow these steps.

Step 1

Open Control Panel . Try to make sure you are viewing Control Panel as category – if you need to change it to this view selecet View List and the category in the upper right corner.


Select Network and Internet among the options presented to you. This will open the Network and Internet window.


Step 3

Select Network and Sharing Center.

The Network And Sharing Center will now open. Here you can configure various networking aspects. You can also right click on the network icon in your notification area and click Open Networking and Sharing Center.


In the central area you can whether the network is private or public. You can see other aspects like what access type it has – Internet access,limited access etc. Finally you can see if there is a HomeGroup available to join.

Below this there are various shortcuts for setting up a new connection or another network entirely. There is also a troubleshooting wizard that helps identify the source of many problems you may encounter.

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