Using new features: How to refresh or reset Windows 8 with a few clicks

Some really cool Windows 8 features allow you to refresh or reset Windows 8 back to factory default within a few minutes and a few clicks. Awesome!

Refresh Your PC warning click Next

There might come a time you want to reset windows 8 to its default settings. It could be because of corrupted files, viruses or any other reason. Additionally, problems are to be expected on Beta software, so in case you need to reset your OS, here is what to do. Make sure to avoid confusing because Reset in Windows 8 means to factory restore your computer to default by deleting all of your applications and personal data. On the other hand, Refresh means to keep your current data intact and to refresh your PC in case it isn’t running well.

1. Open the Control Panel by clicking Computer Icon at the Desktop and then clicking Control Panel in the top of the taskbar.

Click on Computer and then on Control Panel

2. Select the Recovery option in the Control Panel.

Click on Recovery

3. You will now have 2 options, one to Refresh your PC; this will enable you to keep your files and refresh your system, and the other to Reset your PC, which will restore it to its default freshly installed state. Click Get started to Refresh your PC.

Click on Refresh

4. You would be now prompted with a warning to Refresh your PC. Click Next and follow the onscreen instructions to guide you through the rest of the reset process.

Refresh Your PC warning click Next

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