Using bootrec.exe to fix MBR in Windows 8 (Master Boot Record)

If you are having troubles booting Windows 8, you should most certainly try to fix the master boot record after booting into the safe mode or using the cmd launch option when booting from the Windows 8 DVD

Command Written

What is MBR?

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MBR or Master Boot Record is the second most important thing after the BIOS which can affect the windows startup in your PC.

This is the fixed “starting point” for booting a machine. When the machine is booted,

it looks here for required instructions and informations on how to boot the disk and load the operating system.

Many virus writers try to affect this critical portion.

Boot viruses are of this type.

Steps to fix MBR for Windows 8

1. Insert your Windows 8 DVD. Restart PC & start booting by pressing a key.

2. Click on next

click next

3. Now, click on Repair your computer .

Click Repair

4. Next, click the option Troubleshoot among the 3 options shown on screen.

Troubleshoot selected

5. Click on Advanced options.

Advanced selected

6. Then click on Command prompt.

Click on Command Prompt

7. The following prompt will appear.

Command Prompt Started

8. Write the following one line command :

bootrec.exe /fixmbr

Command Written

Restart your machine. See your MBR problem has been fixed.

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