Using BCDEdit To Activate The Safe Mode in Windows 8 And Then Boot Into It

When you’re having problems with Windows 8 it’s a good idea to try the safe mode, however you first have to activate this safe mode using the BCDEdit command.

Tip: Windows 8 Consumer Preview and higher looks slightly different now, but you can still follow this tutorial

It is easy to jump in the Safe Mode of every windows by pressing F7. This has actually been a time tested technique of all windows versions till date including windows 7. Safe Mode is a diagnostic mode in which only minimum drivers are loaded to find out the root cause of any probelm in Windows. Unlike stable releases, Windows 8 Developer Preview has yet to include Safe Mode. Unlike previous versions, the user has to manually enable Safe Mode by using the System Configuration Utility, also known as msconfig tool. We would be using Command Prompt in Windows 8 Developer Preview version to illustrate how you can enable/disable safe mode option.

1. Our first step involves to move your mouse over Windows icon on the Start Menu and to click Search.

2. Click on the Apps button in the right hand corner.

Manage computer in Windows 7

3. Type CMD in the Search Apps bar. CMD would be shown on the left side of the screen.

type cmd in search apps bar

4. Right Click on CMD and you would be prompted with Advanced option with small 3 dots on the bottom right corner of the screen. Click on it and then click Run as Administrator.

Click on Run as Administrator

The command prompt screen would open up.

5. Here, you need to type in the following code:

bcdedit /enum /v Make sure to include the spaces as it is done in this code. When you press enter, this is what your CMD window would look like:

Type bcdedit-enum-v

You would be shown with a list of Windows Boot Manager and Windows Boot Loader.

6. With the arrow pointing on the code, copy paste that to make another command as shown in the following screenshot. Make sur to copy the default, resumeobject, and displayorder code as all are the same:

bcdedit /copy /v {ad58fc4a-ddbc-11df-9436-a951990cc6c7} /d “Windows Developer 8 Safe Mode”

Type the command to copy code

Once copied, the display would show successful copy message as shown below:

Successfully copied reference number message

7. Exit CMD, and use the Windows hot key W+r to open up the Run command and type in msconfig to open up the.

Click on Run and tye msconfig and press enter to see the System Configuration Tab

8.Select the Windows 8 Developer Safe Mode tab after clicking the Boot tab. Make sure to select the make all boot settings permanent and click Apply.

Click on the Boot tab, select Safe mode and also hit apply

When you hit apply, you would be prompted to restart the system by making changes. Restart and press F8 to choose another operating systme to load. Here, you would see the Safe Mode option. You are done in booting your system with safe mode

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