User accounts: Changing user account passwords on Windows 8 via Metro UI

If you share your PC with other people it’s a good idea to frequently change your password!
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In the time of installation, Windows 8 Consumer preview will ask your for the password for your account in Windows 8. But later you can modify it. But the Consumer preview version of Windows 8 differs in the way of doing it even form its recent predecessor : Windows 8 Developers Preview. It is one of those proofs that the Consumer preview version differs from the developers preview version by 10 lacs lines of code.

Here you will not see the Control pnel icon in the Metro User Interface. In order to chaneg your
account’s password, please follow the instructions below.

1.Switch to Metro UI. Now type Control Panel Automatically the Control Panel
will come in the search result.Click to open it.

control panel

2. Now navigate to “User Accounts and Family Safety” and click on Change your Windows password

click on change password

3. Now click on “make changes to my accounts in PC settings”

click on make changes to my accounts in PC settings

4. Now click on Change your password. At first, you will be prompted to give the current password and then you will be able to chaneg your current password.

click on change your password

type new password

Click save to make the password change.Remember, don’t forget the password hint, because without that, you will not be able to chnge password.

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