Use Real, Non-Metro Internet Explorer on Windows 8

Internet Explorer 10 Location Windows 8_ThumbYou are a desktop user and want to use the regular, non-metro edition of the Internet Explorer? It’s still there, you just have to know where to look.

1. Open the Windows 8 explorer by hitting Windows key + E on your keyboard

2. Double-click on your C:/ or main drive and go to C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\

Internet Explorer 10 Location Windows 8.Jpg

3. Right-click on iexplore and select Pin to taskbar

4. You can now open the real, non-metro Internet Explorer 10 right from your taskbar:

Accessing Internet Explorer 10 From Taskbar

Optionally, you can pin it to “Start” and access the non-metro browser via the Metro Start Screen, but I will only use the Metro screen on mobile devices.

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