Two New Acer Tablets: Iconia W700 Iconia W510

Ll_acer W700p Thumb2 Thumb2 Acer announced two new tablets from the Iconia series that will be targeted towards the business section and will be running Windows 8, the upcoming operating system from Microsoft.

Acer Launches Two New Windows 8 Iconia Tablets

Acer has launched two new Iconia tablets that run Windows 8 — the Iconia W700P and the Iconia W510P. These are the business versions of the consumer counterparts — the Iconia W700 and the Iconia W510. The latter two models were already announced at the Computex show in Taipei in June this year. Today’s announcement was more about selling “Professional” (hence the ‘P’) versions of these tablets that they will be shipping also. Acer was however not ready to give out pricing and release details just yet.

However, since these are aimed at the business segment, they will be priced somewhat higher. And since the base models are already here, making minor “business oriented” modifications won’t take that long. So they might end up shipping it by the end of this year. However, you can never say for certain when it comes to this. Models are often held back for business reasons rather than technical.

The business versions have more or less the same performance parts inside them. The W700P runs Windows 8 and has the 1.7GHz Intel Core i5 processor, the 11.6inch full HD display and a 128GB SSD storage solution. It has Acer Cyrstal Eye webcam for video conferencing and a stylus for scribbling and writing. It comes with a cradle that allows it to be locked in one position — portrait or landscape. Great for presentations and movie/video watching. This cradle comes with its own USB 3.0 ports and a DC point for charging. It will come in handy when you are using it with a Bluetooth keyboard.

The W510P is also running on Windows 8 and is powered by an Intel dual-core Atom processor and 64GB storage. It comes with a docking keyboard that is quite similar to the Asus Transformer series. All of them will be running Windows 8 professional.

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