Tutorials: How to reset Windows 8

Windows 8 offers a new feature to reset windows. The procedure is simple and new.

Reset Windows 8

Reset Windows 8

Windows 8 offers a new feature to reset your installation of windows to make it fresh again. This feature helps when you want to sell your Windows 8 PC to someone else or you want to get rid of the messed up applications. The Reset option clears all your private data and applications. The procedure is easy and simple. Just follow the instrcutions below;

1. In the Metro Start Menu click / tap on the lower left corner. The Start menu pops up. Click on Search.


2. From the Apps list that appears, click or tap on Control Panel.

apps list

3. In the Control Panel , click on General.


4. In the General Menu, under the Reset your PC and start over, click on Get Started.

general reset

5. The Reset your PC and start over wizard will now guide you to reset your pc. Click Next.

Reset pc

6. If your PC has more than one disks, it will provide you options to reset All drives or Only the drive where Windows is installed . In this tutorial, we selected Only the drive where Windows is installed .


7. Now the wizard will start the reset process after you click the Reset button.


8. Once the reset is done, it will now ask you to enter the Product Key, you can click Skip to enter it later.

product key

9. It will now ask you to Accept the License Terms. Check it and click Accept.

license terms

10. Now the Personalisation Wizard will guide to prepare a fresh desktop for you. Follow the on-screen instructions and you are good to go.


The Reset feature in windows 8 saves a lot of effort which was previously wasted on re-installation. This feature is is helpful for tablet and desktop pc users alike.

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