Tutorial to enable military time (24-hour clock) in Windows 8 to keep track of time

Military time is a 24-hour clock. So, if you want to have a 24-hour clock in Windows, you should probably read this tutorial


What is the Military time?

In normal words we say it is 5 o’clock” or “its 5 p.m.”. But it’s not the same in military. In military it is said as “it is seventeen hundred hours”. As Windows don’t narrate time, it only shows that, so here the military time format will be the 24-Hour time format. If you want that your Windows 8 will show the time in 24-Hour time format in spite of as usual 12-Hour format, the follow the instructions given below carefully.

1. Open Control Panel. Search Region there and then do a left click to open it.

Open Region from Control Panel

2. Now the region window will appear. There in the Formats tab, you will see an option named Short Time. Select “HH:mm” form the drop down box there. Here “HH” refers to the 24-Hour format. Click on OK to apply the new settings.

Change Time settings

Now you will see the 24-Hour time format in action.

Military Time in action

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