Tutorial to disable the “Send To” option in the Windows Explorer Context Menu (Registry Tweak)

The “Send To” option of the Windows Explorer Context Menu can be disabled. If you choose to do so, this tutorial might be helpful

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Whenever you perform a right-click on a folder or file, you can see the Send to option in the context menu. It helps us to send the file or folder to the Desktop and Documents library, as well as any removable storage devices and mapped network drives directly. So this operation saves the effort of Copy and Paste. By choosing Send to Desktop option a shortcut to that application or file can be created on the desktop. So Send to option is a very useful operation. But sometimes you may want to disable the “Send to” option on the Windows Explorer Context Menu for some reasons. To perform that, follow the steps properly.

Steps to disable the “Send To” option on the Windows Explorer Context Menu in Windows 8

1. Press Windows+C (Charm screen opens)-> Go to Search->In Apps Search field type regedit.exe to open the Registry Editor->Click on the icon of Registry editor to open it.

Search RegEdit

2. In the left side of the editor, see that there is an option called HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT. Click on the arrow beside to expand it.


3. Now select AllFilesystemObjects and expand it.

Select AllFileSystemObjects

4. Select shellex and expand.

Select Shellex

5. Select ContextMenuHandlers and expand.

Select ContextMenuHandlers

6. Select Send To. On the left side is the Default value. Double click on it and you can find the default value like the following

Edit String

7. Delete the value and click Ok. That’s it .

Delete Default

8. You can see the result as soon as you do it. You don’t even have to reboot your system. Follow the image below, and follow the red arrow. It shows that the Send To option that is generally located above Cut option is not present. Now if you want to restore the send to menu again, follow the above procedures and in the default value write the same text {7BA4C740-9E81-11CF-99D3-00AA004AE837} . So it’s better to keep a copy of the default value while you disable the Send To Menu so that later on you can restore it as and when you want.

Disable SendTo

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