Tutorial that explains how to create a Recovery USB drive in Windows 8!

Prepare for emergencies and create a Recovery USB drive in Windows 8

Recovery Image

What is a Recovery Drive?

A Recovery Drive is a drive used for the recovery of the current operating system when corrupted or damaged. It is better to create the recovery disk outside of your computer, i.e. in any external device e.g. any external hard drive or a USB device. Unlike windows 7 , windows 8 doesn’t require 13 Gb space for creating a recovery disk. Here you have to choose a drive which has at least 256 Mb of space, which is always available now-a-days. Today no pen drive is used, which has space of less than 1 Gb. So, if you create a recovery disk for your Windows 8 then you can recover from a corruption made by any malicious software or similar to that easily using this recovery disk. This tutorial will guide you to the steps of creating a USB Recovery Drive. Just follow the instructions given below.

1. Open the Run window by pressing Windows +R .

2. Now type “RecoveryDrive.exe” without quotes and hit Enter.

Run RecoveryDrive.exe

3. This will open the following window. Click on Next to proceed.

create RecoveryDrive

4. Next select the USB drive and click on Next.

Select USB

5. It will show you a warning. Click on Create to pass it.

Recovery Drive Warning

6. Now you will see the progress. Upon the completion of the creation, you will see the message that your Recovery drive is ready. Click
Finish to exit the wizard.

Recovery Drive progress

Recovery Drive ready

Finally, your recovery drive will look like this-

Recovery Drive

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