Tutorial: Open The Metro Control Panel in Windows 8

If you want to know how to open Metro Control Panel in Windows 8, follow the tutorial below.

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All the Windows 8 users must be familiar with two Control Panels : one is the Standard Control Panel and another is the Metro Control Panel. The Standard Control Panel is for changing various computer settings and the Metro Control Panel is for some more general computer settings, which were not available in the Standard Control Panel .
In the Consumer Preview version of Windows 8 none of them can be seen as a shortcut in the Desktop or the Start Menu. You will see the standard version in the Desktop by enabling
that to be shown in there with other computer icons. In the Developers Preview version of windows 8, Metro Control Panel
or rather PC Settings was present in the Start Menu. But in the Consumer preview version this is omitted. In order to open the Metro Control Panel, follow the instruction shown below.

1. Press Windows + I to open the right side Charm bar.

More Settings

2. When the Charm bar appears, click on More Settings to open the Metro Control Panel.

metro control panel

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