Turn Windows 7 Into Windows 8 With This Awesome Tool

If you are keen on trying some of the Windows 8 features in Windows 7, download this free tool to change your theme colors based on your wallpaper. If you want to turn Windows 7 into Windows 8 also download our Windows 8 themes!

Aura Beta To Turn Windows 7 Into Windows 8

The tool can either get the color from your wallpaper or from an active window icon and change your Aero theme color accordingly.

Here are some of the results:

Get Color from Wallpaper

You can download the tool from our site here: Download Aura Beta 3 or from Google codeplex here.

Get Color From Wallpaper: Aero Auto Color

So, what does the author mean “active icon”? He means the color of an active tab in Internet Explorer 9. Pretty awesome idea, ain’t it?

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