Turn Off Windows Explorer Click Sounds via Sound Themes

If you want to turn Off Windows Explorer Click Sounds in Windows, you can make use of Sound themes

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In Windows 8, while you navigate from one folder to another through the Windows Explorer, you’ll hear click sounds. This is the Windows Explorer click sounds. In many silent places like library, office such sounds may appear to be annoying to many users. This tutorial will help you to turn off the click sounds in the Windows Explorer of Windows 8. By following the same steps you can also change the type of sounds from one type to another or even turn off other types of sound like Low battery warning sound, Recycle bin Empty sound and many more.

Steps to turn Off Windows Explorer Click Sounds in Windows 8

1. Press Windows + C to open the Windows charm screen. Go to search.


2. The Apps search bar opens. In the search field, write mmsys.cpl and press Enter.


3. The Sound dialogue box opens. Select Sound Properties.


4.Find Start Navigation and then select it. You’ll find an option called Sound just below. If you select it a long list of sounds will appear. Select None->Apply->OK


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