Turn Metro App Toast Notifications On or Off in Windows 8 (Quick Way)

If you want to know how to turn on or off Metro App Toast Notifications in Windows 8, refer to the tutorial below.

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what is Metro App Toast Notifications?

Toast notification is a very new feature, introduced in windows 8. According to Microsoft, Toast notifications are an optional part of the app experience and are intended to be raised only when your app is not the active. Toast notifications in Windows 8 are rectangular block type notifications that appear in the upper right corner of your main display. The metro apps which are running in the background cause to pop these types of notifications to seek user’s attention to perform a further action, whether the user is in another app, on the desktop, on the Start screen or on the lock screen. Suppose your Messaging metro app is opened in the background and you are in another application, now if you get a message on Facebook chat (assuming you are connected to your Facebook account using Messaging), a Toast notification will be popped for that. This Toast notifications feature is very helpful, but when you are working on a serious job and don’t want to be disturbed by these sudden notifications, you may want to turn off this feature. Not only that you may also want to receive Toast notification for some certain metro apps, not for all.

Follow the steps to turn Metro App Toast Notifications On or Off in Windows 8.

Steps to turn Metro App Toast Notifications On or Off in Windows 8

A. Quick Method
Press (Windows + I) keys to directly open the Settings charms screen. Then click on Notifications option and you will see a cross sign in the Notifications. You have successfully turned Metro app Toast notification feature off and it will turn off everywhere including the lock screen, and gray out all notifications settings. You can easily turned this feature on by simply clicking again on the Notifications option in Settings charms screen.

Quick Method

B. Detailed Method
If you want to get Toast notification for some particular apps and want to block some unnecessary metro apps from sending you the Toast notifications, you should follow these steps:-

1. Press (Windows + I) keys to directly open the Settings charms screen or press (Windows + C) keys to open Windows Charms screen and select settings option.

Charms Screen

2. Now, click on More PC settings option.

More Settings

3. In PC settings metro UI window, you can see Notifications option in left hand side panel. Click on that option.

 Click on Notification

4. Now, you will see notification options in right hand panel. There you can select whether you want to receive notification on Lock screen or not. You can enable or disable sound of Toast notifications. Not only that, you can also choose the metro apps for which you want to get notifications. Suppose you want to restrict XBOX LIVE from sending you Toast notifications, you just need to move the slider to Off and you are done.

Notification Settings1

Notification Settings2

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