Transformers Windows 8 Theme With Top Icons

If you like the Transformers, we have something special for you today. A full-fledged Transformers Theme for Windows 8 with many new goodies like icons, sounds and walls.

transformers theme for windows 8 computer.jpg6

Our Windows 8 theme includes many cool wallpapers.

rosie huntington whiteley.jpg2

Including a large batch of movie wallpapers of the last Transformers movie “Back of the Moon”

transformers desktop backgrounds.jpg5

If you are a Windows veteran, you might like this extension. A little difficult to install if you’re not familiar with Windows 8, but it’s doable:

start menu.jpg3

Many cool Transformers desktop icons will be applied to Windows 8 when you install the Transformers theme.

transformers computer icons.jpg4

Download Windows 8 Transformers Theme

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Free: Transformers Theme

The theme is about 26MB large and is free. If you like it, please share our site and link to us!

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