Top Windows 8 Themes for Windows 7

We have compiled a new list of Windows 8 themes that you can use on good old Windows 7. Download after the break.

Top Windows 8 Themes for Windows 7

Windows 8 will have a cross-platform UI called Metro. The Metro UI inspired many people to create their own themes for Windows 7. If you want to download some of themes, you can get a preview below.

1. Simple Windows 8 theme for Windows 7

A rather simple Metro theme for Windows 8

Windows8 Windows 8 theme for windows 7 Theme
Download Windows 8 | Mirror

2. Windows 8 Transformation Pack

This Transformation Pack is for Windows 7. If you want to make Windows 8 look like Windows 7, you will definitely need this one!

Windows8 Windows 8 Transformation Pack Theme
Download Windows 8 Transformation Pack | Mirror

3./4. Windows 8 Skin Pack 3.0 for Windows 7 32-bit and 64-bit

If you’re on Windows 7 SP1 or Windows 7 32-bit, then you should download thiss full glass Windows 8 theme, including a full installer. One of the best Windows 8 themes out there that you can download.

Windows8 8 Skin Pack 3.0 _X86
Download 8 Skin Pack 3.0 _X86″32Bit” | Mirror

If you’re on Windows 7 64-bit download this version instead – it will fully work:

Windows8 8 Skin Pack 3.0_X64
Download 8 Skin Pack 3.0_X64″64Bit” | Mirror

5. Windows 8 Aero Theme 1.2

Update 1.2 of “Windows 8 Aero” theme based on “Aero Lite”. If you like Aero more than Metro, you’ll want to download this new Metro-Aero mashup theme for Windows 7.

Windows8 Windows 8 Aero 1.2 Theme
Download Windows 8 Aero 1.2 | Mirror

6. Windows 7 Theme Inspired By Mac and Windows 8

A rather simple theme for Windows 7 inspired by Windows 8 and Mac OS X Lion

Windows8 Winodws 8 Vs Mac Lion Theme
Download Windows8 Winodws 8 Vs Mac Lion | Mirror

7. Windows 8 Boot Screen for 7

If you like boot screens, download this one for Windows 7 x64/x86 SP1 or without SP.

Windows8 Windows 8 Boot for 7 Theme
Download  Windows 8 Boot for 7 | Mirror


We will post more Windows 8 themes shortly. The mirror links for the themes above are currently not working, please try in 5 minutes.

If you are looking for two very special themes, make sure to check out our two exclusive Windows 8 themes for Windows 7

Our main page for themes is here Top Windows 8 themes


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