Top Windows 8 GTA 4 Theme

GTA 5 is coming soon. For now you can download the GTA 4 theme for Windows 8, but we’ll add the GTA 5 theme shortly.
windows 8 gta 4 theme with icons 5

All sorts of cool stuff is included, like new icons and desktop wallpaper, but if you invest some time you can also apply our Start menu orb for Windows 8 – please wait for further instructions.

Some of the icons of our Windows 8 theme. Of course all GTA icons with some of the main characters from the GTA 4 game.
gta 4 desktop icons 2

Here’s what the desktop walls will look like. The many backgrounds are one big bundle. Very cool!
gta 4 desktop wallpaper 3

The GTA orb:
gta 4 start menu 4

Download Windows 8 GTA Theme

This download is free – however if you download it we hope you take 2 min to bookmark our site on social bookmarking services.

download gta 4 theme 1

Download GTA 4 Windows 8 Theme

The theme also adds a new sound theme with GTA 4 sounds.


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