The Final Windows 8 OS Packaging Now Out On The Web (Source: Verge)

If you are curious to know what Windows 8 will look like in retail, the packaging for both Windows 8 and Windows 8 Pro are now available on the web.

Windows 8 packaging leaks online

Windows 8 Packaging Revealed To The Internet

The packaging design for the two variations of Windows 8 have now been revealed online. Both of them are going to be available on the 26th of October this year. They are currently in the Release To Manufacturing stage. This means the OS is officially come out from development and is now actively being used by manufacturers to install on their new Windows 8 systems. The RTM build was leaked instantly on to file sharing sites on the web when it was said to have been released to Microsoft’s partners earlier this week.

Similarly, the packaging for both Windows flavors has also been revealed. An image of the two packaging mock ups side by side has appeared on the Internet with Initial reports coming in from The Verge. Looking at this image, it seems like the regular Windows 8 will come in a white box and Windows 8 Pro will come in a sleek black box. The latter is the more expensive version so there’s little wonder that it gets the better looking box.

The packaging is quite different from the usual Windows OS packaging. It is now more minimal in its approach and a change in the design ethos to embrace a more contemporary flat design scheme is quite visible on both boxes. The basic design remains the same for both boxes with just the color and version name being changed.

The new packaging also uses the new Metro inspired Windows logo instead of the usual 4 color one. This shows that the Windows logo is now official and we might as well forget that old four-color flag that we had grown so accustomed to.

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