The Cloud in Windows 8

Windows 7 showed us the first example of cloud computing. Cloud computing was an extremely exciting change to the way we use our personal computers. In this guide, we will explore a bit more information about what we can expect from Windows 8 and cloud computing.

windows 8 cloud

Windows 8 to Sync in the Cloud?

One of the very latest rumours surrounding Windows 8 is that Microsoft may sync Windows 8 files to the cloud. What this means is that instead of updates and reboots which we have become accustomed to, this will be eliminated and replaced with syncing files, which will be done automatically.

Another benefit to Microsoft is that if any information is synced between your system and the cloud, the cloud accesses your system details. This will let Microsoft know if you are running a legitimate edition of its software.

Of course, this is a big benefit to those that have a 24/7 Internet connection because all files will remain 100% updated without any effort at your end. However, this may be a problem for those that turn their internet connection off with their computer.

Cloud to work ‘smoothly’ with IE9

Many people have come across various issues with the cloud system and IE8. Steve Ballmer stated way back in May 2010 that compatibility issues with IE9, and the Windows 8 cloud system would not be an issue due to the amount of effort that has gone into development.

Steve Ballmer said this about the cloud system:

“It is a phenomenon that all products will need to take advantage of. Windows and IE will fuse together and embrace the cloud. Office, we’re embracing the cloud. Windows Server through Windows Azure, embraces the cloud ..”

This statement confirms that there should be limited compatibility issues with everything all Windows products and the cloud. This will be a huge relief to many who thought that the cloud may cause various problems. On the other hand, this is just a man making promises, and whether or not Microsoft delivers this service is another point altogether.

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